Summer Gardening Ideas for Great Perth Gardens

If you’re thinking of gardening in your backyard, you might think that you just need to clear out the area of weeds and poke holes in the dirt and put in seeds. You might be thinking that’s all you need to call it a day. We share some great summer gardening ideas for your Perth garden.

Well, guess what, if you want your summer garden to be as successful as you’d like, you need to have a plan coming in. You can’t just jump in with both feet. I understand you’re excited. I understand that you look forward to the sun on your face and the warmth and glow of the garden. I understand that you anticipate all the plants coming out and maybe flowers as well.

That’s all well and good. That imagery is definitely awesome and there’s a lot going for it. But the problem is if you fail to plan, what you really are doing is simple: You are planning to fail. This applies across the board.

This applies to your relationships. This applies to your job. This applies to your education. This definitely applies to your backyard garden. A little bit of planning can definitely go a long way.

If you want to be successful, pay close attention to the following basic summer gardening ideas.

Do advanced research before the summer arrives

Take a break from time to time around the spring time to start researching about potential plants as well as flowers that you can raise in  your backyard. It doesn’t take much. In fact, if you’re on social media and you’re following gardening social media accounts, the ideas are sure to come to you.

In fact, in many cases, your big problem is not trying to find summer gardening ideas. Instead, your biggest challenge would be to choose among these different ideas since it seems like you are trying to drink from a fire hydrant.

There’s just so many ideas. Well, this should not be a surprise because according to certain estimates on social media, 2 millions new pieces of content are published every single day. Now, not all those pieces of content are in the summer gardening niche or the gardening niche in general.

But there are just so many pieces of content and it’s very hard to choose. Have a look for inspiration through the businesses listed in our Perth Gardens category. Consumers make a big deal about freedom of choice. But in reality, they want freedom from choice. So do yourself a big favor. Invest some time during the spring to passively search for summer gardening ideas.

By passively, I’m talking about like having some sort of online clip or ever note so when you are on your mobile phone, scrolling through your Facebook timeline, checking one garden after another and you start seeing different flower types or different plants, click on the ever note.

You’re basically clipping your ideas at a leisurely pace as you consume social media content. That’s how you adequately prepare during the off season for an awesome summer garden.

Space matters

Believe it or not, size matters. That’s right. The size of your backyard garden matters a lot because you can’t waste that space on a plant that basically crawls all over available space. I’m talking about watermelons, gourds, or any other plant that has a creeping vine that clings to the dirt of your garden.

You have to be creative if you have a very small plot. Believe it or not, many places in the world, even very small backyard gardens, and I’m talking about 3 feet by 4 feet, can become lush garden experiences.

I know, that sounds fantastical because hey let’s face it, 12 square feet is not much to work with. But if you are creative with your space, you can actually grow many different types of plants in that space. You can have many different climbing vines. You can have different stacked pot blazed plants. You can put shade loving plants in the bottom and plants that need a lot of sunlight at the top.

There’s just so many directions you can go with this. The key is to be properly prepared so you would know how to position and plan out your garden. Unfortunately, a lot of gardeners just jump in with both feet and they go with their impulses and they end up making a mess of it. They quickly find out that a lot of their plants are dying simply because they’re not getting enough sunlight.

This is due to bad planning. So when you look at your clipped ideas and you look at the space you have to work with, eventually, a plan starts to form. It may not happen overnight. But the more you think about your project, the clearer the plan becomes. And the more you mix and match on paper, the better your execution would be.

Avoid trendy summer gardening ideas that might not apply to your garden

Let’s face it, when we check out our Facebook timelines, its easy to feel envious. It seems like all our friends have better looking gardens and plants. They all look like they are having a great time. Well, don’t believe the hype. It’s too tempting to just get on the bandwagon and lay out your garden like they do. You might even think it is  almost impossible to fight the urge to rush out and get all sorts of plants and tools to get the layout they have. Don’t do it. Seriously.

Why? Your garden has to make sense to you and your set of circumstances. Otherwise, you might end up spending all this time, effort, and money only to have a garden that will be unattended or badly taken care of. Don’t let the impulse of the moment get the better of you. Always think of how much resources you have. The most important of these, of course, is your time. Do you really have the time and focus to match the scale of your friends’ gardens? Wouldn’t it be better to spend that time focused on relaxing?

As the old saying goes, measure twice but cut once. In other words, play around with your idea at first. Think of alternatives. Think about all sorts of situations that may happen and then execute. That way, your summer gardening ideas will actually turn into a reality you can smell, see, touch, and taste.


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