Breakthrough in new gardening product hits the WA market

Baileys Fertiliser have teamed up with Soil Solver

Baileys Fertiliser have teamed up with Soil Solver, to create the ultimate gardening product for sandy soils, Soil Matters Clay & Compost.

Soil Matters Clay & Compost is a 3-in-1 formula containing Soil Solver kaolin clay, rock minerals and mature compost. The premium ingredients create a loam like soil texture that holds more water, more nutrients and boost soil life.

“We’re always looking to develop quality products that make gardening easier for our customer. Sandy soils and lack of water are our greatest challenges in WA and when you add this to our increasingly busy lifestyle maintaining a garden can be a real challenge. Soil Matters Clay & Compost is a more permanent solution that results in a healthier and easier to maintain garden.” – General Manager Gen Bailey said.

Soil Matters Clay & Compost is a Smart Approved Watermark and Waterwise Approved product.

It is the perfect soil preparation product for new lawns, gardens and vegetable beds based on sandy soil.

The Bailey family have been involved in the horticultural industry since 1926. Now in their fourth generation of family management, they develop, manufacture and distribute their premium products from Kwinana, Western Australia.


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