5 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in Your Home This Spring

Spring is here, but it’s time for Australians to do more than just the ordinary spring clean. This spring Pure Planet Club is encouraging Australians to be more environmentally conscious by reconsidering the way they look after their home and to understand the impact on the environment as a result of every choice made, whether it be power consumption, water usage or the household products you use.

Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager at Pure Planet Club says, “We believe in making small changes around the house that will go a long way to protect our future generations. Implementing quick and easy ways to be more eco-friendly in your home can have a significant positive impact on our environment. Start today by taking the leap yourself, and then encouraging your family members and friends to take up some new sustainable habits.”

Christina’s top 5 ways to be more environmentally conscious in the bathroom:

Use half flush where you can!

If you have a dual flush toilet, using the half flush reduces your water usage which helps to preserve the environment and save money on your water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 15,000 litres of water can be saved annually in a residential household that has a dual flush toilet.

Choose an eco-friendly toilet paper.

Plastic pollution is causing irreversible damage to our planet at an alarming rate; go plastic-free today to protect the Earth’s future! All Pure Planet Club toilet paper is 100% plastic-free, tree-free, septic-safe, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, BPA-free, biodegradable and made from renewable and recycled materials. 15% of the worlds deforestation is from the creation of toilet paper, yet trees are vital to combat Global Warming as they lower the air temperature from evaporating water in their leaves. Using Pure Planet Club toilet paper saves wiping out 27,000 trees per day as it is tree-free and made from 100% plant-based materials, bamboo and sugarcane waste.

Use non-toxic cleaning products.

A few natural products you have lying around the house can be awesome eco-friendly cleaning products. For example, the acid in white vinegar makes it naturally capable of killing mould and bacteria, so you can use this on your taps, mirrors, shower floors and bath. Baking soda is also a common household item that works to deodorise an area. Instead of using bathroom sprays, place some baking soda in a dish in your bathroom to eat up the bad smells. Not only is using natural products healthier for you and can reduce risks of chemical poisoning and respiratory infections, it is also healthier for our planet.

Time your showers and stick to 5 minutes!

Believe it or not, it is possible to wash your whole body in 5 minutes. Set a timer, do it for a few weeks and soon you will be in the habit of efficient showering. Saving water and energy used to heat the water is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint. To be extra nice to the environment and save even more water – bring a bucket or some containers with you in the shower and re-use it to water your garden!

Open the bathroom window instead of switching on the fan.

This nifty trick will not only reduce your electricity bill at the end of the month but will also reduce impact on natural resources, reduce pollution and reduces your impact on global warming. Saving energy will help save the environment. When you consume less power, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction.

“Although it may seem these steps might be inconsequential, small steps become great leaps when multiplied by millions. At Pure Planet Club, we think it’s possible to save the environment if we all work together!” adds Christina.

Pure Planet Club’s new Marine Collection toilet paper will be available from September for RRP $48.00 per 36 pack carton, or $43.20 per carton on subscription.


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